Today's date is: May 22, 2018
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Guidelines Pamphlet

Corrective Actions

The PAB/OGC investigates matters that may suggest a prohibited personnel practice (PPP) occurred, exists, or is to be taken, even where such a matter is not the subject of a charge filed by a GAO employee.

  • Where PPP is not Raised in a Charge Filed with PAB/OGC

    • If PAB/OGC determines that there are reasonable grounds to believe a prohibited personnel practice is involved that requires corrective action and the matter is not the subject of a charge filed with PAB/OGC:

      • PAB/OGC will inform GAO of the determination and any findings and recommendations;

      • GAO will have a reasonable amount of time to take the recommended corrective action;

      • If GAO fails to take the recommended corrective action, PAB/OGC may file a Petition with the Personnel Appeals Board.

    • See 4 C.F.R. §28.131 for the full text of the Board's regulations on corrective action proceedings.

  • Where PPP is raised in a Charge filed with PAB/OGC