Today's date is: May 22, 2018
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The Board is charged, by law, with overseeing equal employment opportunity at GAO through review and evaluation of GAO's procedures, policies and practices. The Board's Office of EEO Oversight conducts studies of selected issues and prepares evaluative reports containing the Board's findings and recommendations.

GAO regularly provides data in its EEO profile to the Board. The Board selects topics for study from proposals put forth by staff during its program planning cycle. Prior to the preparation of proposals, the Director of Oversight may solicit ideas from the Union and employee groups, as well as from the Board's General Counsel. All employees should feel free to send suggested topics for Board study to the Director of Oversight at any time. Suggestions may also be submitted to


Date of Issue

Study on Age in the GAO Workforce December 30, 2015
The Employment of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders at GAO October 7, 2011
Women in the GAO Workforce November 23, 2010
The Retention of New Hires at GAO August 2, 2010
The Senior Executive Service (SES) at GAO July 23, 2010
O&I and the No FEAR Act at GAO December 4, 2008
The Employment of Hispanics at GAO January 29, 2007
The State of Equal Employment Opportunity at GAO in the 21st Century October 14, 2005
Reasonable Accommodation at GAO April 30, 2004
Study of GAO's Office of Opportunity and Inclusiveness February 20, 2004
A Study of Pay Rates and Probationary Periods for New Hires at GAO August 29, 2003
Minority Recruitment at GAO September 27, 2002
GAO's Alternative Work Arrangements March 31, 2001
Promotions of Banded Employees (1991-1995) September 30, 1999
Selection Into the Senior Executive Service at GAO (1992-1997) September 30, 1998
Follow-Up to GAO's Discrimination Complaint Process and Mediation Program August 31, 1998
Downsizing at the U.S. General Accounting Office September 30, 1997
Hearing on Age Issues in Employment March 29, 1996
GAO's Discrimination Complaint Process and Mediation Program September 29, 1995
Follow-Up to EEO Oversight Study of GAO's Employment of Persons with Disabilities January 24, 1994
GAO's Affirmative Action Planning Process February 10, 1993
EEO Oversight Study of GAO's Employment of Persons with Disabilities September 28, 1990