Today's date is: May 22, 2018
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Guidelines Pamphlet

Personnel Action

A “personnel action” is specific term of art that is defined by 5 U.S.C. §-2302(a)(2).  The following are listed as personnel actions:

  • An appointment;

  • A promotion;

  • A removal, suspension, demotion or other disciplinary or corrective action;

  • A detail, transfer or reassignment;

  • A reinstatement;

  • A restoration;

  • A reemployment;

  • A performance evaluation;

  • A decision concerning pay, benefits, or awards that may reasonably be expected to lead to an appointment, promotion, or performance evaluation;

  • A decision concerning education and training if the education or training may reasonably be expected to lead to other described personnel actions;

  • A decision to order a psychiatric test or examination;

  • Any other significant change in duties, responsibilities, or working conditions.