People around oblong tableThe Personnel Appeal Board's Office of General Counsel (PAB/OGC) investigates alleged violations of law within the Board’s jurisdiction to determine if there are reasonable grounds to believe that an applicable law has been violated.

  • The Board's jurisdication includes the following areas:

    • An appeal involving a removal, suspension for more than 14 days, reduction in grade or pay, or furlough of not more than 30 days;
    • Prohibited Personnel Practices (PPPs);
    • Discrimination (age, race, color, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation and gender identity), disability, religion, national origin and genetic information);
    • Prohibited Political Activities (Hatch Act);
    • Unfair Labor Practices (ULPs); and
    • Union Representation matters.

  • PAB/OGC investigates and attempts to settle charges filed regarding PPPs, discrimination, and ULP matters.

  • PAB/OGC corrective action proceedings: The PAB/OGC may investigate matters that come to the office's attention that suggest a prohibited personnel practice has occurred, exists, or is to be taken. If the PAB/OGC has reasonable grounds to believe that a PPP was or is about to be committed, PAB/OGC may seek corrective action.

  • PAB/OGC disciplinary proceedings: PAB/OGC may also initiate disciplinary action proceedings against employees who commit PPPs, engage in discriminatory actions, or participate in prohibited political activities.

  • The PAB/OGC encourages settlement of disputes by using various alternative dispute resolution tools, including negotiation and mediation.

  • GAO employees are afforded the right to comment on orders regarding the GAO personnel management system before the orders are implemented. PAB/OGC reviews and may submit comments on those proposed orders.

  • The PAB/OGC strives to ensure that GAO employees are informed of their rights and entitlements under various federal employment laws. To that end, subject to availability, PAB/OGC will provide a speaker for information on such rights and entitlements. To request a PAB/OGC speaker, please contact the office at (202) 512-7507.