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2015 marked 35 years since passage of the GAO Personnel Act—

  • 35 years of an independent personnel management system for GAO
  • 35 years for the Personnel Appeals Board

PAB News:

  • Carole W. Wilson is now a Member of the Board.
  • Richard S. Ugelow is now Chair of the Board and Carol A. De Deo Vice-Chair.

The Personnel Appeals Board (PAB) is an independent entity established in 1980 as part of a separate personnel system Congress created for GAO.  The Board’s founding grew in large part from concern over the inherent conflict of interest in GAO’s role as auditor of executive branch agencies that maintained regulatory responsibility over GAO’s personnel system.  Congress granted GAO broad authority to manage its own workforce but also sought to guarantee the constancy of civil service protections and employee rights by establishing an internal board to enforce and adjudicate those rights.  The Board’s mission—to provide independent adjudication of employment disputes at GAO—guides the Personnel Appeals Board today, as it has over the history of this institution.