The Personnel Appeals Board (PAB) is an independent entity that performs the combined functions of its executive branch counterparts: the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; the Federal Labor Relations Authority; the Merit Systems Protection Board; and the Office of Special Counsel. Established by the GAO Personnel Act of 1980, the PAB protects against potential or perceived conflicts of interest arising from GAO’s oversight of the executive branch.

The PAB has additional statutory authority to oversee equal employment opportunity at GAO and issues evaluative reports on the EEO impact of GAO’s policies, procedures, and practices. 

The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has jurisdiction to review PAB decisions.

News and Information

  • The Board thanks Rosa M. Koppel for her service on the Board between 2017 and 2022.

  • Senior Trial Attorney Brian Nuterangelo has been selected as the General Counsel of the Personnel Appeals Board.

  • Effective October 13, 2022, the Chair of the Board is Julie A. Clark and Vice Chair is Barbara S. Fredericks.

  • The Study on Disability & Reasonable Accommodation in the GAO Workforce has been published and is available here.

  • Suggestions for future Oversight studies are always welcome. Please submit suggestions to:

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