The Board’s Executive Director has day-to-day responsibility for running the office. The Solicitor and Senior Attorney serve as legal advisors for the Board. The Director of EEO Oversight assists the Board in carrying out its responsibility for oversight of equal employment opportunity at GAO. The Clerk of the Board may provide procedural advice and maintains official records.

The Board’s General Counsel and PAB/OGC staff investigate Charges filed with the office. If there are reasonable grounds to believe that a violation of law has occurred, PAB/OGC may represent the charging party before the Board. 

Executive Director   Stuart Melnick
Solicitor                                Kevin Wilson
Senior Attorney                     Molly Dennison
Director, EEO Oversight     Vanessa Gallagher
Clerk of the Board                Patricia V. Reardon-King
General Counsel       Brian Nuterangelo
Senior Trial Attorney            Mariama Liverpool
Senior Trial Attorney              William Yon
Paralegal Specialist Darian C. Jackson

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